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A tradução do título para o português ficou um lixo e a troca de gênero para categoria terror também foi desastrosa. Mas achei um site americano que aborda o filme com mais fidedignidade e resolvi divulgar aqui não só o film e mas também o site e os comentários sobre o filme que estão lá

Site: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0331652/usercomments


Disturbing, Dark and Cruel Psychological Drama, 7 November 2006
Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The teenager Megan (Nicole DuPort) is a young woman raised completely isolated and dominated by her deranged and possessive mother, the writer Samantha Fergus (AnnieScott Rogers). Megan lives her life as if it were a fairy tale and without sense of reality, having her education through home schooling with private teachers. When her hormones change her behavior, inclusive with sexuality arisen, she does not have any support from her mother, and she creates an imaginary friend to satisfy her repressed desires and leading mother and daughter to a tragedy.

“Sonata” is a disturbing, dark and cruel psychological drama, showing the sick relationship of mother and her daughter. The movie is not bad, but the viewer is misguided by the distributor that sells this heavy drama as if it were a horror movie, with a typical cover inducing to a horror movie and certainly disappointing the fans of this genre. Therefore, the target audience is absolutely deceived. Nicole DuPort is perfect in the role of a repressed young woman finding sexuality without any orientation or support. AnnieScott Rogers in some moments exaggerates, but also has a good performance. The introduction of this film, with Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sonata no. 14 (“Moonlight”), gives a touch of class to this good movie.

How cruel one can be to the people they love?, 19 July 2004
Author: Sanford Meisner from New York City

Megan, a beautiful young woman with an incredible innocence(played by award winning actress Nicole Duport)is becoming deeply troubled. It may be that it is the onset of teenage schizophrenia; or it may be the combination of a strange stalker outside and a suffocating mother, but all attempts to cope are defeated by Samantha, an unfeeling cruel narcissistic single-parent(think “mommy dearest” played by actress Annie Scott Rodgers). Once mom’s business partner/part-time suitor Allen (played very effectively by actor Tim Halpin) chances a visit to her room, well, all hell breaks out. And that is what this story is….the hell that is Megan’s mind. Beautifully shot in High Definition by award winning cinematographer Vance Piper, this is a film that will gain an enduring and loyal audience. Filmmaker Boris Undorf, the writer-director, spent two years in the writing and is the new Hitchcock with this breakout work.Must see all the way through….it is worth it!

wonderful, 29 June 2004
Author: (folcoln) from San Francisco USA

This movie rise a lot of problem for today people time being, roots of this film going back to such masters as Antonioni, Fellini,Tarkovsky,Bergman(Director and author Boris Undorf had a very good teachers). This is a thriller but thriller that force you to think about relations between parents and children, about border between childhood and adult life, about children privacy etc., This is a sort of investigation of existing problem that parents and children face everyday. Author gradually opens for you character of two women, shown how mother could destroy her own child. The biggest role in this movie belongs to the music. It is not much words between the main characters and director find the way to express people fillings. Both main characters give you right impression about conflict that keep you busy all 91 minutes of film.

Nicole Duport – excelente atriz


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